The $900 Campaign Car

My husband and I have two children in college. We aren't really "car people" but we ARE 100% committed to being there for our children while they make their college journey – and that includes financially. We promised ourselves when they graduated we would buy ourselves a brand new car!

Currently we have a '98 GMC pickup that our daughter drives. Our primary farm truck is an '00. (That one is at SIU with our son right now.) Hubby drives an '00 Jeep Cherokee that he used for work until he retired two years ago.

$900 car3.jpg

When I decided to run for office, we knew our aging vehicles could not take the stress and miles required of them. And like most middle class families, we have to weigh giant purchases like cars carefully. But we needed another car.

So along came the $900 Mercury Sable! Quite a car in her day, with lots of options that still work despite her age. And she looks rather nice despite her years. The Sable is another '00 but hundreds of thousands of miles less than any other vehicle we own. And a perfect fit for our "college parents" budget.

After after she was washed and dried here in town I proudly stuck my magnet signs to her sides. The $900 Sable symbolizes the way all of us make it work in the trenches of the middle class. We do all we can for our families, for our children and for our future.

Sure, she isn't the brand new car we intend to buy when our children complete college. But the $900 car is perfect! She fits the struggle that all of us feel so acutely right now. The fight for our future is at hand. Middle class Americans, you and I, are working harder than we ever have. That's why we must make some noise in Springfield! It will take all of us – hardworking parents, millennials just starting their first jobs, and even some candidates who drive their $900 cars proudly.